Student reading with Superintendent CheathamDear families and community members,

Welcome to the Madison Metropolitan School District. We are privileged to serve the children and families of our community.

As a school district, we are on a mission to close the gaps in opportunity that lead to disparities in achievement, and to ensure every child is academically challenged in a safe and supportive environment. Together with our teachers, families, staff and community, we want to be the model of a successful public school district.

We recently published our fourth annual report on our strategic framework, outlining our progress as a district. Together, we are moving the needle on key measures across our district.

In this report, you’ll see highlighted our actions, our results and our next steps – steps that build on our success and directly address our challenges. Everything we do is aimed at raising achievement for all and closing gaps in opportunity that lead to disparities in achievement. In particular, you’ll see:

Long-term, sustained improvement. The majority of our schools are making positive progress over time and across student groups. We don’t just want to see single year jumps in results – we want systemic, long term, sustainable gains, like the ones you’ll see represented by the schools featured in this report.

A focus on culturally responsive teaching. While we certainly are seeing some gap narrowing, we can expect more. We know that producing accelerated results for African-American students will require that adults intentionally build meaningful and trusting relationships with students that pave the way for academic challenge and deeper learning. Throughout the report, you’ll see this area of focus highlighted, including from our students themselves.

Efforts to solidify our foundation. As we enter into Year 5 of the Strategic Framework, we are keenly focused on solidifying practices that we know work in schools—with a particular focus on middle schools and the transition to high school, increasing access to advanced coursework for students of color and inclusive practices for students with disabilities.

We know that our students can succeed, and we want you to know that we will be holding every student to high expectations and working hard to support them to meet and exceed that high bar. We are deeply committed to building strong partnerships with families to support student learning, healthy development and academic achievement.


Jennifer Cheatham